FacePlate - customized models
Customized face plates (panels) are usually made according to the clients requirements exactly. Say, the size of panel, color of panel, and what connectors/ports should be put in the panel.
Face Plate (connect panel or table panel) - customized models

       Everyday we make the faceplates exactly according to the detailed requirements of the clients.
Many times the clients do not use the standard size of face plate during home or office improvements. They usually need the face plate to be made exactly at their request.

       Before ordering, please kindly specify the following points with us, so that we can make the plates to be the same as what you need.
1- Size of Face Plate you need?
2- Color of Face Plate you need? Silver, Black or Golden?
3- What connectors you need to put in the plate? HDMI, VGA, USA, 3.5mm Audio, Video, etc.
4- With or without bottom Box?

        Please see the following photos for some face plates which we make for other clients.

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